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Ingrid Terhorst

Voice-over Regie

Walter Sittler


Born the youngest of eight children in Chicago, my parents moved around a lot with us, which had to do with my father’s constantly changing employments. Our large family’s steadfast companionship has probably been vital for me and has shaped my attitude towards social communities and mutual respect. After a few detours I have become an actor, which has further intensified my longing for tolerance and generosity. With the documentary film project „199 little Heroes“ I want to make a contribution towards directing an empathic view onto the weakest of society, onto their courage and imagination, and onto the need of protecting them and furthering them with all means.

Gerhard Schmidt


Gerhard Schmidt, producer of TV films and TV series, documentary films, german and international cinema films - Gemini Film & Library GmbH, Cologne

Frank Oliver Terjung


Skilled industrial management assistant, independent producer and executive producer of numerous nonfictional filmproductions. Dad of 12 year-old Emma. From the very beginning I was impressed by the concept of "199 little heroes". I really wish for the documentary line to get a lot of support as well as international acclaim and I am happy to be part of this team.

Sigrid Klausmann


I have been born the third seven children into an indeed financially poor, but all the more tolerant family. My childhood is probably the cornerstone for my activities as an adult, the interest I take in the arts and in children. Via my education and professional practice as sports teacher, dance educator, choreographer and mother I have made my way to the documentary film section. The needs of adolescents are my cinematic concerns (for example, „Lisette and her children“). „199 little Heroes“ is now giving me the opportunity to tell the stories of children from around the globe, to document their living conditions against the backdrop of their daily voyage to school. It is a wonderful and very moving task - I am a true lobbyist for children and want to stay that way forever.

Burkhard Feige


My passion is to tell touching stories with moving pictures: to transform socially relevant topics into suspensful and ideally entertaining movies. Engaged in the sections feature film, advertisement and documentary with shooting experience in Europe, Asia and Africa. Born in Hechingen, Baden-Württemberg. Raised in Tübingen. High School degree during a one-year stay in the USA. A levels at Rudolf Steiner School. Following alternative service. Guitarrist of a ska-band 'Court Jester's Crew' from Tübingen. Studies philosophy, law and rhetoric. After taken midterm exam studied direction at HFF Munich. Graduation Diploma. Besides studying working as journalist at Süddeutsche Zeitung, cutter and docent for dramaturgy and edit. Full-time freelance screenwriter and director living in Munich. 2011 awarded with the Grimme Prize.

Ariane Kessissoglou


It's exciting for me to encounter people with the camera, because the time you share is way more intense. Because of filmmaking people converge. Movies emerge out of the moment and collective: together with team and protagonists. I find this process to be fascinating because afterwarts you are always a little smarter than before. What I found to be fascinating at the 199heroes project is, to start learning about a country and to find through the reasearch to the girl, which becaume Island to me. --- Ariane Kessissoglou, born 1971 in Collogne, graduated at the "Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln" with a study stay at EICTV Filmschool in Cuba and "Ecole supérieure des Beaux-Arts Genève". Since 2007 she produces documentary children portraits for the TV show „Sendung mit dem Elefanten“ (WDR).

Harold Lucian Baer


I found this project to be interesting because it has a very positive message. It's about children who search their way, against all adversities, to go to school and to take control over their lifes. The children talk openly about themselves, the environment and their problems. Simultaneously I wanted to support this project to show how the life in different countries inspire children start reflecting. I made my first movies together with Frank Terjung in 11th grade of Humboldt Gym. in Collogne. In Bucharest I studied film and television directing and now I'm making films for almost 20 years. Documentaries are my passion because they are so authentic and show life in all its variety.

Petra Pan


Documentary film is my home , films are as family albums, life would be worthless without them. 199 little heroes is a serial that I feel proud to work on, is a pearl neckless, I made one of the pearls of everyday life. Our heroes have little or big problems and they are equally important to them, they have to live with them. I am especially happy to find not only good but also troubled kid, this kids usually do not get as much attention as the good ones do. So this one is to support naughty children. I wish this film would be shown all over the world and this kids would have friends all over the world.

Anna Katharina Brinkschulte

Interactive Producer

While studying Mechanical Engineering at Munich Technical University, Anna discovered she had a longing for acting out her creative tendencies in her professional life to come. After several internships, she was offered an employment as Junior Producer at Made in Munich film productions, where she realized several music videos and television commercials. As freelancer she worked for, among others, Claussen & Wöbke & Putz film productions („Stellungswechsel“, Krabat“) and at SüdArt film productions for international cinema motion pictures („Die Farbe des Ozeans“). From 2008 to 2013, Anna studied Production for Film & TV and Interactive Formats at Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg. In 2013, she and Sebastian Uhlig founded the Brinkenschulte & Uhlig GbR. She has since addressed herself to the conception and production of interactive projects.

Lea Schönfelder

Art Direction & Game Design

After finishing her studies in Visual Communication at Kassel Art College, Lea Schönfelder studied Interactive Media as Projektstudium at Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg. During her studies she spent a quarter as Visiting Graduate Reseracher at the Game Lab of UCLA in Los Angeles, working as freelance animator along the way. Lea Schönfelder’s works are exhibited worldwide, for example at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco or at the Tokyo Game Show, and awarded prizes such as the Red Dot Design Award or the Nail of the Art Directors’ Club. Lea Schönfelder herself runs workshops in the field of Interactive Animation and has collaborated as curator, consultant, and as member of the jury at game events, such as the Independent Games Festival in San Francisco or the FMX in Stuttgart.

Sebastian Uhlig

Interactive Director

During his studies in Communication and Media Science at the University of Leipzig, Sebastian already went into business for himself with a small media agency. Thus, numerous on- and offline productions came to being since 2003, first and foremost in the realm of digital didactic and self-learning applications. In addition to many commissioned productions, a small number of prize-winning in-house productions were developed along the way. From 2010 to 2013 he broadened his horizon by attending a project-based study program of an area of studies called Interactive Media / Conception at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg. In 2013 he then founded the Brinkschulte & Uhlig GbR with Anna Katharina Brinkschule, and has since devoted himself to the conception and realization of interactive projects.

Hannah Katharina Weissenborn


Seit ich denken kann, bin ich vom Medium Film fasziniert. Einen Film pro Woche haben mir meine Eltern in meiner Kindheit erlaubt. Dieser wurde von mir stets sorgfältig ausgewählt und von diesem Moment an auf den Tag der Ausstrahlung hin gefiebert.

Schon während meiner Schulzeit begann ich, an studentischen Filmprojekten der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg zu arbeiten. Nach einem Jahr, das ich zwischen Reisen und Filmprojekten verbrachte, wählte ich zunächst jedoch den „sicheren“ Weg eines Politik-, Soziologie- und Jura-Studiums. Hier wurde mir aber schnell klar: Sicherheit hin oder her, für mich gibt es keinen anderen Weg, als Filme zu machen. Neben zahlreichen Praktika bei Filmproduktionsfirmen wie Network Movie, Bavaria Fernsehproduktion GmbH und Polyphon Film- und Fernsehgesellschaft mbH, realisiere ich heute meine eigenen Filme im fiktiven sowie Dokumentarfilmbereich.

Mich faszinieren Filme, die etwas bewegen wollen - unser Dokumentarfilmprojekt "199 kleine Helden" allen voran!

Dieter Soldan


Geboren 1963, Studium in Würzburg. Dann Stuttgart: Stankowski+Duschek, Stadt­magazin LIVE, Stadt­magazin LIFT, Ernst Klett Verlag. 1998 Gründung von soldan kommunikation.

Netzwerker aus Überzeugung und Leidenschaft. Spezialist für Corporate Design und redaktionelle Gestaltung. Visualisierungskünstler und Kommunikations-Stratege, der mit großem Gespür für den angemessenen Ton mit soldan kommunikation komplexe Sachverhalte in Bilder, Kampagnen und Veranstaltungen fasst. Spezialität sind kreatives Fundraising und Workshops zu den Themen Erscheinungsbild / Profilbildung.

2011 gründet Dieter Soldan das Kunstentwicklungsprojekt zwischenKunst.

Hannelore Ohle

PR & Fundraising

Als gelernte Industriekauffrau zehn Jahre in großen deutschen Industrieunternehmen verantwortlich für das Auslandsgeschäft in Europa und Übersee. Während der Erziehungszeit Kreisvorsitzende (ehrenamtlich) BUND – Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland. 1990 bis 2000 Referentin für Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit im Verlag Klett-Cotta, Stuttgart. Anschließend Leitung Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Ernst Klett Verlag in Stuttgart und der Universitätskommunikation der privaten Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen. 2006 Gründung indivisio kommunikation + public relations.

Oliver Krimmel


OA Krimmel ist Art Director und Buchautor. Die von ihm mitbegründete Designagentur "i_d buero" hat mehr oder weniger alle wichtigen internationalen Awards erhalten und engagiert sich hauptsächlich im Bereich Corporate Design und Kultur. Frei nach ihrem Leitspruch von Victor Hugo: »Nichts ist so stark wie eine Idee, deren Zeit gekommen ist«.