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Pedagogical Material

Being a former teacher, I am especially fascinated and just as moved by these children, relentlessly reaching for education and for the chance of a better future. Education is a basic human right, after all, that people the world over have to fight for again and again. Precisely because of that, the message of this film series is of great importance.

Minister president of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann

Cooperations and services

We work together closely with the ministries of education and cultural affairs of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Lower Saxony. There is lively communication between us and numerous schools, whose teachers work with little hero movies for a variety of subjects. We are very interested and looking forward to further cooperations.
More Information

Our service:
1) Q&A after school screenings of „Not without us!“ at cinemas
2) Talks about the whole project „199 Little Heroes“ with film sequences, i.e. at teacher conferences, festivals, activity days, meetings etc., with varying focal points such as sustainability, diversity, children of the world, mobility, and many more
3) We offer workshops for school classes / work groups, for example „Documentary films – editing, dramaturgy and music“ (conducted by: Henk Drees)

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Interactive platform

The interactive platform is an animated page, created in a careful and artistically demanding way, for children between seven and twelve years old, for parents, pedagogues and others eager to learn. The visitor is presented short video clips – passages from the little hero films, pictures, 360° degree images, maps and information about the countries. The platform becomes a companion for all little hero fans: they get to know the world, far-away countries and cultures in a playful way. Every country smiles with a human face and the world takes shape. The platform is a playground inviting everyone to discover new things and to keep track of the unique kaleidoscope evolving that is the world of 199 Little Heroes.