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Winfried Kretschmann

Prime minister
of the county of Baden-Wuerttemberg

„Being the patron of this film series, it is my deep concern that the message of '199 Little Heroes“ is heard worldwide.“

199 Little Heroes – bringing to you stories of courage and imagination, of dreams and hope. The short film series walks the way to school with 199 children, one from each country of the world, between nine and twelve years old. This way, the way to education, is symbolic for the departure into future. Many times, their way to school is full of uncertainties and dangers – an individual challenge for each little hero, girl or boy. At the same time, it is full of possibilities and experiences. The documentary offers a glance into the life of these children and into the society in which they grow up. Across cultural and social borders, the hearts of the audience are conquered by the disarming openness, wiseness and uprightness that are alive in all of the little heroes.

Being a former teacher, I am especially fascinated and just as moved by these children, relentlessly reaching for education and for the chance of a better future. Education is a basic human right, after all, that people the world over have to fight for again and again. Precisely because of that, the message of this film series is of great importance. It is worth the fight. It is worth getting up and being on your way.

This seems to be the motto of the married couple Walter Sittler and film maker Sigrid Klausmann, who have brought the project to life. The incommensurable task of making '199 Little Heroes' a reality is asking a lot of them – professionaly as well as privately. Still it is their desire of giving their '199 Little Heroes' a voice, that seems to come from the core of their hearts, that keeps them going.

Being the patron of this film series, it is my deep concern that the message of '199 Little Heroes' is heard worldwide and I thank all supporters, all godfathers and godmothers for their effort. My special thanks are directed toward the little heroines and heroes, for their inspiring way of believing in the future.